Dealership Parts Offer Unmatched Quality and Value

Should you pick parts that are available through the automotive dealership near you? That's the big question. If you're the kind of driver who emphasizes security and peace, you should. Auto dealerships sell OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. These components, true to their names, were manufactured by the original companies.

Use of OEM parts for Volkswagen service requests can be a smart idea. It can take a lot of uncertainty and doubt out of the equation. People tend to feel a lot more uncertain about aftermarket parts, and for good reason. 


What is a Timing Belt?

Did you know that ignoring the state of your vehicle's timing belt can have serious consequences? The timing belt is a critical engine component that keeps your vehicle's camshaft and crankshaft turning with each other in synchronicity. When it breaks, your vehicle will stop running immediately.


The Full-Size v. the Compact Spare Tire

No one wants to be driving around in Clearwater, or on a trip, and get a flat tire. It's always a horrible feeling. When you do have a flat, you'll need to get the spare tire out. Some cars have a full-size spare tire while others have only a compact spare that some refer to as a donut.


Choosing Lokey Volkswagen for Auto Servicing Is An Easy Choice

There are a number of local independent auto body shops throughout the greater Clearwater area where you could get your car serviced. However, those that choose to do this will run the risk of the parts used for their car being inferior, lower-quality and costing you much more in the long run. Here is why you should trust the certified service center here at Lokey Volkswagen instead!


The More Horsepower the Better

The term horsepower is often associated with vehicles. However, not all drivers know what the name means or where it originated. Steam-engine designer James Watt while selling steam engines in the 18th century, he came up with a measure of the power of his engines which he could use to lure drivers to buy them.


Help us Raise Awareness of Move Over Laws

In the United States, there are numerous laws that Americans are not familiar with, or have never understood. Some of these laws are simply obsolete, outdated, or not strictly enforced to the same degree as other laws, like wearing a seatbelt. Unfortunately, Move Over laws are a great example. 


Get Your Car Loan Pre-Authorized To Save Steps & Time here at Lokey Volkswagen!

If you take the big step to get your auto loan pre-approved for financing here, you will save some of your valuable time and also possible frustration, and you will have a much better car buying experience overall. Essentially, you will be more in control of what you purchase with less hassle when you are knowledgeable about whether you qualify for financing or not!

What is Tire Rotation?

Tires rotate at all times when rolling down the road. But is this all with tire rotation? Tire rotation entails moving them from one wheel to another and from back to front or from left to right.

There are many benefits attached to tire rotation. Rotating your tires will help extend tires life and also improve your car's performance. Regular tire rotation will maintain the tread wear and lead to a comfortable ride and also leads to improved gas mileage. Your car's suspension components life is likely to be lengthened through tire rotation by reducing vibrations.

When are…


Fluids Are The Meat-And-Potatoes Of Your Vehicle

Fluids are the meat-and-potatoes of your vehicle. They're vital to the vehicle surviving long term. Our service team recognizes the value of fluid service. It's an important part of any maintenance service we provide. We want every fluid to be able to do the job it was intended to do.

Your most important fluid is probably your oil. It needs to be checked at regular intervals. You need to have it evaluated. You need to have a professional utilize the correct tools and the proper filter. You also need the correct oil type. How you do you know…

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