Volkswagen VOW


At Volkswagen we not only believe in better engineering for all, but we believe owning a Volkswagen should be something to smile about.  Whether you're shopping for your first VW, servicing your current one or looking for your next Volkswagen, we vow to make it both fair and fun.

We vow to stand behind a perfect vehicle delivery.  And to always service your vehicle like it's our own.  We vow to build lifetime loyalty with each and every contact.  The Volkswagen Vow is more than a promise, it's a personal pledge from each and every employee to not just build great cars, but to build strong, enduring relationships.

We vow to strengthen customer relationships with each and every contact and to make owning a Volkswagen something to smile about.

We ask dealerships to take immediate actions:

  1. Sales Consultants and F&I Managers to be Certified before they talk to prospects

  2. Review the Quick Reference Guide during all deliveries

  3. Set the vehicle features to Customer preferences

  4. All Sales Consultants participate in the SSI Challenge

  5. Respond to all internet inquiries within 30 minutes

  6. Improve F&I process and minimize Customer wait time

Take it personal --
your dealership's reputation is on the line!